Trinity Prayer Pause

We invite you to pause at noon each day to pray for Trinity on Main; knowing that others are praying at the same time. You might set up a reminder for yourself in some way on your own phone, or a note on your calendar or refrigerator. We are also setting up a reminder system so that you can receive a short text message reminder at noon each day. If you would like to receive a text message reminder each day, please let Pastor Karen ( know as soon as possible.

This week’s prayer is:

Pray that the people of Trinity on Main will be renewed and led by the Holy Spirit as we plan for the days to come.

Prayer Box Ministry

Attached to Trinity’s Blessing Box is a Prayer Box. Our neighbors are invited to place requests into the prayer box using either the prayer form located in the bottom drawer or your own paper. Members of our Bridging the Gap Ministry team pray for these specific prayers and for our community weekly.